E-Health Solution

The myhealthcheckup e-health program is the cornerstone of a complete wellness solution.

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What is myhealthcheckup
Activity Challenge
Weight Loss Challenge
Better Sleep Challenge

Biometric Screening

We provide comprehensive on-site health screening. A turnkey solution for collecting reliable measures of:

- blood cholesterol (including LDL and HDL)

- blood pressure

- body composition (weight, waist)

- blood glucose

- hemoglobin A1c.

Health Coaching

Our experienced health coaches provide counselling on-site, by phone, or on-line.

Our health professional team includes:

- Nutritionists

- Kinesiologists

- Nurses

- Physician

- Psychologists.


Our academic roots support customized state of the art analytics to meet each clients specific needs.

- Participant engagement.

- Change in health risks.

- Challenge results.

- Program ROI.